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Blue Zircon Scatter Mix - 50g

Blue Zircon Scatter Mix - 50g

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Scatter mixes are RAPIDLY growing more and more popular. With the wide variety of only rhinestones, these mixes add dimension, texture and extra sparkle to craft projects. My favourite use for scatter mixes is to embellish an entire tumbler, or large surface area of a tumbler such as a vinyl drip design. 

The Blue Zircon mix is a vibrant mix of blue zircon, deep blue and aquamarine rhinestones, ranging from 3-12mm in size, and is designed from scratch by me 💎

Not all bling mixes are made the same. My 
Pearl and rhinestone mixes are an expression of my own creativity.

I piece together a vision in my mind, and I manually concoct a list of each and every colour and size of pearls and rhinestones. so that when they arrive, I can put them together and watch my vision come to life.

The only thing that’s missing, is the end result - what YOU make with my mixes.

Don’t forget to tag me in your makes on socials, I love seeing where your imagination takes you too!

*** PLEASE NOTE: Rhinestone & pearl mix is sold by WEIGHT, not quantity. Exact quantities of each item included will vary. ***

Thank you, and enjoy! 

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