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‘Birthstone’ Chunky & Fine Glitter Bundle - 12x 50g Packs

‘Birthstone’ Chunky & Fine Glitter Bundle - 12x 50g Packs

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This glitter bundle is inspired by 12 precious stones in their glitter form. 12 chunky and fine glitter mixes all in one bundle 💎

In this bundle, there is one x 50g refill pack of each of the following glitters:

  • I Got a Dress fine glitter (January - Garnet)
  • Electric Amethyst chunky mix glitter (February - Amethyst)
  • Poseidon chunky mix glitter (March - Aquamarine)
  • Glitterball fine glitter (April - diamond)
  • Christmas Party Hop chunky mix glitter (May - Emerald)
  • Moonlight fine glitter (June - Moonstone)
  • Mrs Claus fine glitter (July - Ruby)
  • Neverland chunky mix glitter (August - Peridot)
  • Coraline chunky mix glitter (September - Sapphire)
  • Crushed Opal chunky mix glitter (October - Opalite)
  • Lit From Within chunky mix glitter (November - Topaz)
  • Part of Your World chunky mix glitter (December - Turquoise/Blue Zircon)

The Little Isla Co glitters are made with high quality polyester. They are treated during production so that they are solvent resistant and high temperature resistant. This means they will not bleed colour or disintegrate in your craft projects. 

These glitters are ideal for using in snowglobe tumblers, nail art, resin projects, making slime, candles and wax products and much more. It is not recommended that these are used on the skin, face or hair due to the larger hexagon chunks which may scratch/cause irritation. 

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